What to expect from virtual conference

BioTech 2020 online will offer you a stimulating and interactive conference experience directly from your desktop or mobile device. Content of all talks and posters will be available during live sessions or on-demand to registered delegates so you can re-watch sessions and view other presentations from parallel sessions you may have missed.*

* On-demand access includes recordings of talks and slides and posters from authors that have agreed for repeated distribution: the organisers cannot guarantee on-demand access to all presentations

What you can enjoy at the conference:

How to access the conference

Access to the online platform will be available to registered participants one week prior to the event.

Access instructions including  login will be emailed to registered attendees one week prior to the even together with tips for getting the best experience out of the live conference.

What equipment do I need to access the conference?

We recommend participation via PC/Mac desktop using Chrome for the best experience. A stable internet connection, microphone and webcam are required. Access via the mobile app is not recommended.
Our joining instructions will outline how to login, test your system, audio and video prior to the event.

Speaker and session chair information

All sessions will be live-streamed and interactive at the time scheduled in the programme. All speakers and session chairs will be briefed by the conference organisers regarding the new format, use of the online platform and their role. Speakers can provide a recorded video presentation (recommended option)  although live presentation is also possible. Session chairs will lead the discussion after live presentations. Questions from participants will be asked via real-time chat. In case of pre-recorded presentations, the discussion will be realized via chat.

I have never presented online: What will happen?

  In case ot any queries or problems, please contact us at info@biotech2020.cz

General information

The instruction how to acces platform and your selected type of presentation details will be provided by email according to the participation type, see below.
The e-mail will come from the address biotech(a)computersystem.com. Please check your e-mail address and spam for messages from this address.

Oral presentations

The schedule of all sessions and lectures can be found here:
The sessions will be supervised by chairperson(s), who will invite live speakers and moderate following live discussions. The chairperson will also introduce pre-recorded lectures, for which the discussion will be conducted via chat. Please note that the time allotted for individual presentations will be strictly observed, so prepare you presentation accordingly, allowing for sufficient time for discussion. For both pre-recorded and live presentations, chat discussion will we available during the whole congress, you are kindly asked to monitor and answer the chat questions.

Live lectures

Please note that the time frame of your presentation includes the discussion and prepare your lecture accordingly:
•    Plenary lecture: 50 min + 10 min discussion
•    Key lecture: 40 minutes + 10 min discussion
•    Regular lecture: 15 min + 5 min discussion

For presenting Live, the authors are asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation, which can be uploaded by June 8th, 2021.

The access and upload information will be provided by email on May 24, 2021.

Please observe the technical guidelines which can found here: Guidelines.

Even if you will be presenting live, we recommend creating a pre-recorded presentation for the case of any technical or personal/health issue. For that please follow the guidelines for Pre-recorded Presentations.   
Neither uploading PowerPoint presentation, nor Pre-recorded one is mandatory for Live lectures. It is only recommended to have a back-up  for sudden problems.

Pre-recorded lectures

For pre-recorded lectures (video recording of your presentation including the commentary) you are asked to follow below recommendations and instructions. The discussion will be conducted via chat on the online platform,  presenters are kindly asked to check their presentation chat and respond to questions and comments during the conference.    

Deadline for recorded lecture upload: JUNE 1, 2021, 23:59 CEST.
Instructions for uploading of video and PowerPoint presentation will be provided by email on May 24, 2021.

Please observe the technical guidelines which can found here: Guidelines.

Poster author information

Your poster will be available on-demand after the live during the event. Please be prepared to answer the questions from the conference participants in chat.
Subject to your agreement, you poster will be available on-demand after the live event.

Your poster will be presented via the Biotech 2020 online conference platform, the access to conference account will be provided by email June 5, 2021.  During the Poster Session, all poster presenters can participate in an online live chat on the conference platform to answer the questions from the audience.
See below for details for your poster preparation.  

DEADLINE for poster upload: JUNE 8, 2021 23:59 CEST.

Requirements for poster presentations
•    The file must be a single page in PDF format.
•    Use only a 16:9 aspect ratio with landscape or portrait orientation.
•    File size up to 10 MB.
•    You may include a hyperlink to other materials in the PDF document
•    Please use the following naming convention:  conference name_poster_surname_first name  (Examples: BioTech_poster_Novak_Petr.pdf)
•    Authors retain copyright to presentations. Authors are responsible for the rights to all the material included in their submission.

Please observe the technical guidelines which can found here: Guidelines.

Not fitting queries and problems

In case ot any queries or problems, please contact us at info@biotech2020.cz