Book of Abstracts

All abstracts will be published in a Book of Abstracts (with ISBN).

Special Issue of Biotechnology Advances

Please note that the submission for Biotechnology Advances is now closed.

Selected reviews derived of oral presentations will appear in a Special Issue of the journal of Biotechnology Advances (Elsevier, ISSN 0734-9750, 2018 Impact Factor: 12.831). Biotechnology Advances is a review journal which considers all aspects of the multidisciplinary field. The scope includes biotechnology principles and applications in industry, agriculture, medicine, environmental concerns and regulatory issues. The symposium participants who are delivering oral presentation and are interested to publish review are requested to send a short abstract of the intended review (not identical with abstract of oral presentation) up to  March 30, 2020 in electronic form by e-mail to the editors in of this special issue and The recommendation or refusal of the topic proposal was announced on April 30, 2020. The recommendation of the submission of the approved review topic does not mean review acceptance. All reviews will have to pass regular peer review process. Thus all potential review writers are required to read carefully the Instruction for authors and to follow them closely.
The reviews will be submitted by the regular Elsevier system. It is necessary to note that the paper is submitted for special Biotechnology Advances issue „SI: Biotechnology Novelties“.
For reading the reviews already published in Biotechnology Advances, including of those from previous symposia:

Important Dates:

March 30, 2020Submission of review proposals
April 30, 2020 Recommendation or rejection to submite paper via  regular submission process
July 15, 2021 EES will be open for submissions
August 30, 2021 The submission deadline. EES submission will be closed
February 28, 2022 The expected publication date

Special Issue of Folia Microbiologica

The participants of the Biotech 2020 Symposium will have the option to submit a mini-review or an original research article to the Special Issue of the journal Folia Microbiologica (Springer, ISSN 1874-9356, 2018 Impact Factor 1.448) named „Applied Microbial Biotechnology“. Folia Microbiologica covers all aspects of general, soil, medical and industrial microbiology, as well as some areas of biotechnology and immunology. It exploits practical applications of both cutting-edge methods and established methods that show promise in practical applications in the field of microbiology and biotechnology, with outreach to health and medicine, animal husbandry, agriculture or environmental sciences. The coverage includes cutting-edge methods and promising new topics as well as studies using established methods that exhibit promise in practical applications. We invite the symposium participants who are interested to publish their work in this special issue to send a short outline of the intended contribution in advance to get the topic approved. Please address your questions and communication concerning potential topics to Dr. Pavla Bojarová (, the Assistant Editor of the Journal. Publication is free of charge but all articles will pass the regular peer-review process. Please follow the Instructions for authors when preparing your contribution. Submission deadline: September 30, 2021. The website of the Journal may be found here. For submission guidelines, please consult here.

Special Issue of Antibiotics

We are pleased to invite the attendees of the Biotech 2020 Symposium to submit a review or original research article to the Special IssueA Selection of Studies Presented at Biotech 2020 Symposium” of the journal Antibiotics (MDPI, ISSN 2079-6382, 2018 Impact Factor 2.921), with Prof. Dr. Flavia Marinelli from University of Insubria, Italy, serving as the Guest Editor and Dr. Olga Matatkova from University of Chemistry and Technology, Czech republic and Dr. Francesca Berini from University of Insubria, Italy, as Guest co-Editors. Antibiotics is an international, open access journal of scientific studies related to all aspects of antibiotics, including pharmacodynamics, uses of antibiotics, antibiotic resistance, and antimicrobial stewardship. Antibiotics is rigorously peer reviewed and edited, producing high-quality and rapid publications. Papers accepted after peer review will be published immediately online after author proofreading and processing. A discount on the open-access publication fee can be offered to each participant.
The symposium participants who are interested to publish papers to this Special Issue are requested to send a tentative title and a short abstract of the intended contribution to Ms. Monica He (, the Editor of Antibiotics. Please refer to the instructions for authors when preparing your manuscript.
Submission deadline: August 31, 2021.